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CVA Muzzleloaders

The CVA brand has enjoyed for the better part of a decade now--success as the #1 selling muzzleloader brand in the world.

One of the most often asked questions posed when considering getting into muzzleloader hunting is which muzzleloader should I buy?  As is true in most things when asked this question the answers or opinions given are subjective and based on one’s experiences and values.

Some who ask this question care deeply about quality, some are concerned with the construction and quality of the materials used to manufacture the gun.  Some are obsessed with the warranties, some with customer service.  Some care about resale value or long-term value; and others worry only about the feel and accuracy of the gun.  Everyone comes into the market with different values and concerns of what matters.

This wide range of ‘valued features’ never results in an overall consensus of which choice is the best, nor will my comments on this site.  I’ll offer my opinions of the data and information gathered and leave the answers to the reader.  The only thing I can promise is that information provided is not bought or paid for, as I am not affiliated with any muzzleloading manufacturer or industry related company.  The CVA muzzleloaders presented here, I believe, are a very worthy choice for your consideration.

CVA Muzzleloaders - Various Types

For that part of the market looking to quality, CVA muzzleloaders are built with barrels made by the Bergara Barrels factory.  Bergara Barrels are one of the most respected manufacturers of quality barrels in the world.  In addition to building barrels for CVA and their replacement needs, they also provide barrels to many other highly reputable gun manufacturers throughout the world.  Because of this highly respected and sought after barrel source, CVA guns, when used as directed in the manuals, are as safe as any muzzleloader on the market.

The barrels manufactured for CVA are all made with high quality 416 stainless steel – and are among the most accurate production barrels available in the world. These barrels are manufactured on the most technically advanced barrel production machinery available today.  They are guaranteed to outshoot any factory barrel of the same caliber and contour. The two upper end muzzleloaders from CVA, the Apex and the Accura, are fitted with the Bergara Barrel.  These barrels provide some of the 'tightest' patterns shot.  For more information visit to see how Bergara Barrels are made.

As mentioned previously, warranty and customer service are very important to many interested in purchasing muzzleloaders.  CVA warrants all factory-finished firearms to be free of defects in workmanship or materials for the lifetime of the firearm.  This Limited Lifetime Warranty only applies to the original consumer owner.  Information must be provided to CVA within 15 days of purchase to validate the warranty. CVA provides excellent customer service either over the Internet at, through email submittal or over the phone.  So for those concerned with customer service, repair or replacement CVA effectively addresses any of those concerns.

As a potential CVA owner, it is essential that you are able to use whichever muzzleloader you choose with total confidence and joy. We don’t buy automobiles without looking at all the information nor should you buy muzzleloaders without information.  It is the goal of this site to provide you with information that will help make this selection more informed.  We will discuss the four most popular CVA muzzleloader models.  These models include the CVA Wolf, the CVA Optima, the CVA Apex and the CVA Accura muzzleloader models.